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Share Your Shots

Kids: Find your own alphabet letters,
then share your photos right here!

Look around your house, school, or neighborhood. How many sneaky letters can you find, hiding in plain sight?

  • Is your mailbox shaped like a P?
  • Does your cat curl-up like the letter O?
  • Are the shoes in your closet arranged like a W?

When you see a hidden letter, take a picture, and share it with us!

Author Kitty Migaki will select super-duper creative photos and showcase them on her blog and maybe even the website!

Remember, be extra creative so she'll choose your picture!

*NOTE: There is a 6 MB size limit on photo uploads.

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By uploading your photograph, you give Kitty Migaki permission to reproduce the image in any print or electronic books, websites, blogs, etc. If you provide your name with your photo, you will receive photo credit. With the possible exception of your name, all other personal information you include will be kept strictly confidential.