Tell me about the book:

The book is 64 pages of full color photos of the ABCs found in downtown Chicago Architecture!  They are not supposed to be ABCs, but you will "see" them when Kitty Migaki captures them in her lens!  Each letter page includes the longitude and latitude of the letter location, so you can use a smart phone, or hand held GPS, to go on a letter hunt!  Find your name in letters!! No GPS?  No problem, the letter addresses are in the back, and color coded for those that are close together. The letter hunt is a fun activity to do with Grandma and Grandpa - all the letter locations are "free" no paid entry required. 


The book also has 9 different types of original poetry!  Limericks, alliteration, concrete, acrostic, etc., to make the book fun to read and fun as a teaching tool!  A list of the poetry type and associated letter is in the back.  


If you order your book from this website, it comes with a free sheet of ABC stickers to keep track of your letter finds in the back of the book - and be sure to indicate how you want the book signed! 

What is geocaching?

A relatively new sport, geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt using a GPS device to locate a "prize." Treasure hunts + cool technology ... if you’re a kid, it’s like opening a new present every time you find a letter or a cache! Alphabet Chicago employs the concept of geocaching - the "treasure hunt" sport that uses cool technology!

According to Geocaching websites, geocaching is a high-tech "treasure-hunt" game, enjoyed by people of all ages. There are over 1 million cache sites around the world. Using a hand-held GPS device, anyone can locate hidden boxes (called geocache) containing a small, inexpensive prize in parks, cities, or wilderness areas.

What is waymarking?

Not all sites have a "treasure box" cache. In the case of waymarking, finding the location to which you are being sent is the "prize." The same with the Alphabet Chicago book to search for letters in downtown Chicago – finding and locating each letter is your reward.


How do I use Alphabet Chicago as a GPS activity?

Every page in the book shows a letter-photograph, along with the "Compass Symbol" (shown right) coordinates of the letter’s location. All the letters are located in downtown Chicago. Use a hand-held GPS to discover the hidden letters shown in the photos.  The author used google maps and entered the longitude and latitude as a decimal.  For example:  39.744253 -104.986124 (with a space before the -).

When I spot a letter, do I look for a prize or container?

While many geocaching activities include hidden containers, the "prize" with Alphabet Chicago is spotting the letter itself. When you or your kids find each letter, be sure to initial the page in the back of the book, so you’ll have a record of when you "captured" all your letters!

Do I need to use a GPS to find Alphabet Chicago’s letters?

No, a GPS is not required to find each letter. All letters are located outside (in downtown Chicago) in locations easily viewed by the public. GPS technology simply brings another dimension to the “hunt,” but you and your kids can easily find the letters using your eyes and your imagination. If you’d like hints to ensure you spot the letters, look in the back of the book for the address of each letter.

How can I use Alphabet Chicago for a "treasure hunt" birthday party?

Search downtown Chicago for the letters in the birthday child's name. Or find some letters from the book (on the last pages, the letters are grouped together and color coded for those that are close together). Take a picture of your group with each letter found. Or give each person a digital or disposable camera and award a prize for biggest letter, smallest letter, first letter in your name, or make up your own categories, found. Of course you can make up your own rules too! To see which letters are within walking distance of each other, look in the back of the book.


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