Fun Ideas

10 creative ideas for Alphabet Chicago games, family outings, and school projects

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Fun Ideas in Alphabet Denver

Fun! Fun FUN!


  1. Take the family & spend a morning looking for the letters in the kids' names!

    Take photos of each person with their name letters!You can share them on this website!
  2. GPS

    Learn new technology! Grab a GPS device or download an app on your smart phone and go on a hunt! Consider adding a compass to the learning experience. And/or help the kids learn how to read a street map.
  3. Record the date you find each letter in the pages at the back of the book!

  4. Introduce kids to the sport of geocaching

    Geocaching is a high-tech treasure-hunt game using a hand-held GPS. ALPHABET CHICAGO does not have caches, but you can find lots of geoecaches downtown on geocching sites, so you can do both!
  5. Kids can photograph their own letters

    With camera in hand, kids can discover their own letters! Around the house, in the back yard, then share your shots on this website!
  6. Learn About Poetry

    Identify the types of poetry: acrostic, alliteration, cinquain, clerihew, concrete, haiku, limerick, rhyme, song, and sonnet. Then challenge kids to write their own zany letter poems!
  7. Host a “treasure hunt” birthday party

    Ride the L downtown and search for the letters in the birthday child's name. Or teams can score points for each new letter found. You can order each guest's “letter name” as part of the “gift bag”contact Kitty for group discount.
  8. Be creative indoors or outdoors

    Trapped in the house on a snow day? Kids can seek out concealed letters throughout the house. Need some fresh air? Encourage kids to sleuth the yard or neighborhood for sneaky letters lying in wait. Want to add a challenge? Look for numbers too!
  9. Have a race!

    Award a prize for the first person who can find their name letters or other assigned word around the house, or on a walk.
  10. Invent your own game

    When kids look at their world from a new perspective, there’s no limit to their creativity.

Author Kitty Migaki encourages parents, teachers, home-schoolers, and visitors to Chicago to seek new ways to stretch your imagination. Education experts tell us “creativity skills” will be the key to future success. Use Alphabet Chicago to help kids tap into the wonder – and power – of their creative spirits!


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