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Kitty Can Support Sales

Kitty lives in Denver but is always willing to consider meeting with several stores, libraries, and/or schools to justify a trip. Or she can participate via conference call and do a presentation via internet.

If Kitty comes to your store, library or school, she can:

  1. Do an adult/senior presentation on the book, it's creation, and how to use it to connect adults with younger readers.
  2. Do a 1 hour show and tell plus poetry/writing class at a school/library for 1 - 8th grade. Can do multiple classes in one day.
  3. Read/Share the book with multiple classes at a school and then attend the "School Night" event at a bookstore.
  4. Host a "letter hunt" at your school, bookstore, or library in connection with a reading or writing session and sale.
  5. Open to other creative ideas and presentations. Kitty was formally a corporate presenter she is flexible and gives lively and engaging talks.

Kitty will bring the Sticker Sheets free with every book purchased at her events. And she is willing to consider Alphabet photo give aways, or photo names and book raffles. She is always willing to make events more exciting. For adventurous stores, libraries or schools Kitty can investigate adding a geocache to the event.

Download the hi-res book cover:


8" x 8"

You can use these book cover downloads by themselves, or add additional information for an event.





Brief book description for catalogue or website:

Alphabet Chicago is full color photos of the ABCs in  Chicago Architecture.  Each letter is accompanied by one of 9 different types of original poems used in the book.  Plus, each letter has a “compass symbol” listing it's longitude and latitude so that  readers, with a GPS, or smart phone, can navigate to the letter location.  No GPS?  No problem, the back of the book includes the letter addresses colored coded for those within walking  distance of each other, and a list of poems for easy use in teaching.

Post Cards:

Kitty has post cards and flyers that can be mailed or handed out to create an awareness of an event.  These can be customized with your event information. Below is an example of a flyer for the Alphabet Denver Book.


Don't hesitate to ask me a question or make a suggestion and I will add more tools as I learn what libraries and booksellers find helpful.