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Alphabet Denver & Alphabet Chicago by Kitty Migaki

The GPS Alphabet Hunt Books(TM) from the Layered Learning Series™

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1. Kitty Migaki, The ABC Lady

Author of Alphabet Denver and Alphabet Chicago – the first children’s book incorporating the use of GPS technology and the sport of geocaching.

Kitty Migaki - The Alphabet LadyA Colorado resident for 22 years, photographer and author Kitty Migaki moved frequently when she was growing up.  (Ten different states!) To quickly adapt to her new surroundings, she became attuned to subtle situational details. She believes this helped to develop her “alphabet eye” – her ability to spot visual patterns that other people miss, including seeing letters in everyday objects.

What inspired the Alphabet Denver books?  Thinking about a project for Teri O'Neil Keller's Capturing Your Creativity photography class while driving in downtown Denver,  Kitty saw an “L”  “popped out” on a building, then a F in a light pole.  How many letters could be found?  It caught her attention – and her imagination. The idea grew and Kitty included suggestions from friends:  added text, added the GPS, and sticker page.

Kitty's experience as a volunteer teacher, her photography instructor’s enthusiastic support, and her excitement to share her creative eye, led to Alphabet Denver.  Kitty collaborated with Kerrie Lian, of MacGraphics Services, for the cover and interior graphic design.  Kitty's  homework submission from photo class grew into Alphabet Denver a 64 page full color children’s book.

Alphabet Denver and now Alphabet Chicago are an expression of Kitty’s creative writing, passion for poetry, and love of photography. The book is a fun, interactive learning tool parents and teachers can use to spark kids’ creativity and stretch their imaginations. Families, school classes, and visitors can use the books to search for the letters in downtown Denver. The GPS coordinates included with each letter in the book encourage map-reading skills and technology skills. Plus, the 10 different types of poetry in the book offer a fun way for kids to learn about poetry.

An enthusiastic supporter of continual learning, Kitty holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina and a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Management. Her sales and marketing career with AT&T/Lucent was interrupted briefly by the birth of her son, and the adoption of her Chinese daughter. Today, she exhibits and sells her photographs in galleries in metro Denver and throughout Colorado.

Today, Kitty is firmly settled in northern Douglas County, where her husband, two children, dog, lizard, beta fish, chickens, and alpacas all happily call Colorado home.

Contact Kitty Migaki
Kitty Migaki, The ABC Lady
I See It Press
(303) 506-4793
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2. One sentence Alphabet Chicago description

Alphabet Chicago is a 64 page full color hardback book that depicts the ABCs in Chicago, Illinois accompanied by an original poem and the longitude and latitude needed to go on an alphabet hunt.

3. Paragraph description

Alphabet Chicago is full color photos of the ABCs in Chicago Architecture. Each letter is accompanied by one of 9 different types of original poems used in the book. Plus, each letter has a “compass symbol” listing it's longitude and latitude so that readers, with a GPS, or smart phone, can navigate to the letter location. No GPS? No problem, the back of the book includes the letter addresses colored coded for those within walking distance of each other, and a list of poems for easy use in teaching.

4. One Sheet

Alphabet Chicago - GPS Treasure Hunt Book, provides hours of eye popping fun! The photographs of the ABCs found in downtown Chicago amuse and delight the viewer as you try to figure out “where have I seen that before” and “how the heck did she find a Q?!” Local Author Kitty Migaki pairs her colorful photographs and whimsical poems with local designer Kerrie Lian's artistic flair for design, in this Award Winning hardcover.

But the fun is just beginning. Alphabet Chicago  also includes a “Compass Symbol” that lists the longitude and Latitude of the letter location. A reader can use a hand held GPS to go on a letter hunt in downtown Chicago! Take the family and look for everyone's name letters! No GPS? No problem, there is a “cheat sheet” of physical addresses in the back of the book.

Once you find your letters, turn to the end pages where you can record your find, the date, and other notes about your day in the found letter chart. If you took some of your own letter photographs author Kitty Migaki invites you to share those letters by uploading them onto the website Submitted letters may be featured in Kitty's blog or on her website.

Have a teacher in your life? Alphabet Chicago Showcases 9 different types of poetry. Each letter is accompanied by it's own poem. The poem may be a limerick, alliteration, sonnet, or acrostic. A list of all the poetry and which letter is accompanied by which type of poem, is also listed in the back of the book.

So whether you want to get active, by looking for the letters, uploading photos or following Kitty's geocaching series and associated caches at signing events, or just enjoy the tongue teasing poems and eye catching photos Alphabet Chicago offers fun for all ages.

Kitty Migaki short BIO:

Kitty Migaki has lived in 10 different states, but has called Colorado home for the last 22 years. Happily after completing 20 years in corporate America, she can now indulge an interest in photography, books and childhood education. Alphabet Denver is her first book. Kitty shares her home with her husband Ken, two kids; Preston and Kayle, Oreo the papillon, sushi the beta fish, braille the lizard, 9 Alpaca's and too many chickens to count.

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